Change Is Inevitable. Irrelevance Is Not. Get Your Church Ready For The Future.

If you’re a church leader looking for practical advice and proven strategies to grow your congregation, Church Changer is for you. Our goal is simple: to equip pastors and church leaders with cutting-edge tools and best practices to navigate our changing culture and reach more people for Christ than ever before. Let’s put aside our egos and logos and do something great for God together!

Coaching Network

The Lead Pastors Coaching Network is for senior pastors who want to build back a stronger church, start growing their congregation again, and reach more people for Christ than ever before! This 9-month program is designed to equip pastors with practical strategies, so they can build a foundation for a healthy, thriving church.


Join co-hosts Tim Lucas and Lauren Bercarich for the Church Changer Podcast. We’ll interview special guests, spotlight awesome churches, and share proven growth strategies in an easy-to-understand and approachable manner, so you can put them into practice at your church. We’re sitting on a hinge point in history and the way we “do church” has forever changed. Together, let’s push past organizational pain points! A new episode drops the first Tuesday of every month.

Leadership Conference

Get the inspiration and resources you need for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in a changing ministry landscape. The Church Changer Conference is a 1-day gathering for pastors and ministry leaders to collaborate, learn how to increase your impact and become a “church changer” in your community! 

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How The AI Revolution Impacts Your Ministry

We cannot afford to ignore the AI revolution. Generative AI has passed fringe and fad status and has brought widespread disruption. Church leaders should view AI as an opportunity to embrace. Joining us is early adopter and entrepreneur, Kenny Jahng, to help us understand AI and strategize how church leaders and pastors can leverage AI to spread the Gospel and elevate our ministry.

Ready To Grow Your Church?

Every preacher feels the pressure: Sunday is always coming! Developing dynamic, Christ-centered, and culturally relevant sermons each week can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed this free ebook with “7 Sermon Series Guaranteed to Grow Your Church.” Our hope is this will provide fresh ideas and inspiration for your own ministry!