2022 Conference Highlights

The 2022 Church Changer Conference took place on September 21st – and it was an incredible day gathering over 200 ministry leaders from the Northeast region and beyond! Missed the Conference? Check out the highlights below!

Leadership Talks

At Church Changer, we curate some of the best thought leaders in today’s Church to help pastors and their teams navigate our rapidly changing culture. From conversations about God and race, to discipling LGBTQ+ congregants and more, your team will be inspired and equipped to tackle today’s most pressing issues.

Changing The Way… We Disciple The Next Generation

In this keynote talk, Justin Kendrick (Lead Pastor of Vox Church, author of The Sacred Us) challenges leaders to change the way we disciple the next generation. The Bible gives us a compelling blueprint for community, but it must be built on more than shared interests or Sunday-morning smiles. In a world of individuality and autonomy, too many of us struggle to form deep, meaningful relationships. It’s time to explore the substance of biblical community so we can push beyond isolation and into community!

Changing The Way

In this keynote talk, Tim Lucas (Lead Pastor of Liquid Church, author of Liquid Church: 6 Powerful Currents To Saturate Your City For Christ) sets the tone for the 2022 theme of the Church Changer Conference. Pastor Tim encourages leaders that while change is inevitable, irrelevance is not. While our culture is rapidly changing, the moment we are in doesn’t change the mission we’re on!

Changing The Way… We Disciple Digitally

In this keynote talk, Dave Adamson (Social Media Pastor, Author of MetaChurch) shares how you can use digital ministry to reach people and make disciples. By now, you’ve probably realized that digital ministry is more complicated, time consuming, and exhausting than you thought. In this message, Dave will teach you how to connect with more people in your local context and think more innovatively in a meta world.

Changing The Way… We Talk About God And Race

In this keynote talk, Wayne Francis (author of God and Race, Lead Pastor of The Life Church, NY) challenges leaders to change the way we talk about God and race. Is there a way to navigate sensitive conversations without pushing away from the table the moment we feel triggered or have our toes stepped on? Watch this message from Wayne Francis to find out.

Changing The Way… We Disciple LGBTQ+ Christians

In this keynote talk, Art Pereira (Pastor, Director of Community Care at Revoice) challenges leaders to change the way we love and care for LGBTQ+ Christians, so everyone in the church can be empowered to live in both Gospel truth and unity. How do you create a safe space for conversation? Watch this message from Art Pereira to find out.

Conference Updates

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