Coaching Network
2022 Schedule

Get Ready To Grow Your Church!

We’re focused on helping Lead Pastors rebuild their congregations, retool their ministry strategies for growth, and regain momentum in a post-Covid world. Our 9-month coaching program culminates in a 1-day leadership conference in September.

2022 Schedule

1-11Rebuilding the Second Temple
Blizzard, Winter, Ice Age
10am – 1pm (Zoom)
2-1Preaching & Evangelism10am – 4pm (In-Person)
3-1Assimilation & Dream Team10am – 4pm (In-Person)
4-5Church Online & Digital Content10am – 1pm (Zoom)
5-3Family (Kids, High School,
Special Needs)
10am – 4pm (In-Person)
6-7Stewardship & Staffing10am – 1pm (Zoom)
7-12Groups & Spiritual Care10am – 4pm (In-Person)
8-2Outreach & Service Programming10am – 1pm (Zoom)
9-21Leadership Conference10am – 4pm (In Person)